Child Intervention Data Tool

The Ministry of Children's Services is committed to sharing information openly and transparently.

The Child Intervention Data Tool provides an overview of all children and youth who received child intervention services across the program continuum (from initial assessment to post-intervention supports).

The data in the Child Intervention Data Tool is based on unique children, which is in line with the Open Data approach and serves the needs of academics and researchers. These statistics differ from our official caseload reporting, which is presented as an average monthly caseload. Official caseload data can be found in the quarterly statistics updates, covering each quarter from 2013/14 to present.

The graph below displays the number of children receiving each type of service from 2012/13 - 2016/17. Data is available back to 2008/09 by downloading the csv file below.

  • You may click on any of the boxes below or to the side of the graph to filter the data and change what is displayed.
  • Clicking a box toggles it from blue to white, and back again. If the box is white, children matching that particular criteria are filtered out of the graph.
  • If it is blue, then they are included in the graph.
  • If a Type of Service or Placement is not applicable to a specific Program, it will display in grey.

We suggest you start by clicking on a type of program.

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