Child Intervention Roundtable

As part of Human Services Minister Manmeet S. Bhullar’s five-point plan to improve the child intervention system, a Child Intervention Roundtable was held January 28-29, 2014 (Twitter users can follow #ABchild14). The final report of the Roundtable will be tabled in the Alberta Legislature.

Public invited to comment on draft summary report from the roundtable

Read the draft report

Share your comments and ideas - Deadline for submissions is April 11, 2014

Read the news release - Minister seeks input on changes to child intervention system

View the recorded webcast.

Transcripts of the recorded webcast

Invited experts, stakeholders and public webcast participants from more than 180 sites discussed these key questions at the Roundtable:

  1. What supports a full and meaningful investigation into the death or serious injury of a child in Alberta?
  2. What additional steps should be taken to improve investigations when it involves a child receiving child intervention services?
  3. a)What information should be available about:
    • All deaths or serious injuries;
    • The death of or serious injury to a child;
    • The death of or serious injury to a child receiving child intervention services?

3. b)What changes should Alberta consider with respect to the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act's publication ban?

List of confirmed experts and participants

Roundtable reading and resources 

An Implementation Oversight Committee has been appointed by Minister Bhullar to accelerate activity on the five-point plan, and prioritize responses to previous recommendations for improving the child intervention system.

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