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Children in Care

Children's Services aims to ensure that children and youth in care live in safe, supportive and, whenever possible, culturally relevant placements. When a child must be brought into care, the first options for placement are with extended family, members of the community or anyone who has a bond with the child so there is the strongest possible connection for that child to their cultural community. Kinship care is one placement option in Alberta. Children and youth in care can also be placed in foster care, group care and residential care.

During their time in care, children are provided with very similar services, supports, supervision and guidance that are typical for children in Alberta.

Whether through their caseworker, caregiver or community programs, and based on their age and specific needs, children in care can receive:

  • Medical, dental and vision care
  • Counselling and mental health supports
  • Support to develop and maintain relationships with friends, family and mentors (i.e. Big Brothers, Big Sisters)
  • Disability services (i.e. speech therapy, aide support, specialized equipment)
  • Child care (as needed by working caregivers)
  • Cultural plan (to stay connected with their home community and/or culture)
  • Success in School for Children and Youth in Care plan
  • Recreation allowance (i.e. sports fees)
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) in their name and annual contributions while in care
  • Advancing Futures Bursary (for post-secondary education)

Children in care may also receive advocacy support and legal representation through the Child and Youth Advocate.

Support and Financial Assistance Agreements are available to young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who were involved with Child Intervention Services to help support them in fully reaching their independence.

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