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Early Intervention Services

Early intervention services support safe and healthy children and families by taking a look at the family’s situation and identifying what are the most effective ways of helping the family through their challenges. This may mean providing some short-term services to a child and family, or referring them to get help from a community program.

Many families are connected to early intervention services through their physician, children’s school, child care provider, or in response to a concern shared with Children's Services. Of all the children and youth that come to the attention of Children's Services, almost 90% can be assisted without needing to open a child intervention file.

More than 4,000 children and youth are helped each month through community programs. These services and referrals may provide information and support on a range of issues including:

  • parenting
  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • family violence
  • strategies to help families help themselves

Examples of programs include: Parent Link Centres, Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), and Family and Community Services (FCSS).

Extended family members and friends are also very important supports for families; however, when the needs of the family are too great, or the safety and well-being of the children are at-risk, a family may need to get more specific support from the Family Enhancement Program or Child Protective Services.

Other services and supports that are available to help families include:

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