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Engaging Men in Family Violence Prevention

Men have an important role in preventing family violence in their communities. Many men demonstrate this leadership, and here are a few examples of the action men are taking across the province:

  • Educating themselves about the signs of family violence and available resources like this website and the Family Violence Info Line 310‑1818;
  • Discussing family violence with their families, friends, neighbours and co-workers;
  • Establishing workplace family violence prevention protocols and awareness workshops;
  • Teaching their children and families about healthy relationships;
  • Integrating family violence awareness in their sports coaching and youth mentoring activities;
  • Speaking out against family violence at public events;
  • Fundraising and/or volunteering for family violence emergency shelters;
  • Attending “Breakfast with the Guys” and similiar events;
  • Participating in community-based advertising and promotional activities. For example, family violence prevention radio ads or promotional calendars with messages from local celebrities, sport figures and role models;
  • Joining clubs and associations that address family violence while promoting gender equality and healthy relationships, like the White Ribbon campaign.

To get involved in regional family violence prevention activities in your community, connect with your Regional Family Violence and Bullying Prevention Coordinator.

Learn more about community programs and projects that Community and Social Services is funding for men and boys in the prevention of family violence.

Modified: 2017-10-27
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