Signs that a child may be involved in prostitution - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Signs that a child may be involved in prostitution

Children could be a risk for involvement in prostitution if they demonstrates a number of the following attitudes and behaviours:

  • Withdraws from family and/or friends
  • Secretive and reserved with information about where they have been or with whom
  • Extreme mood swings ranging from withdrawn to angry outbursts to very happy
  • Angry, confrontational or abusive
  • Protective of a new boyfriend or friend and provides little information when asked about the relationship

Potential Behavioural Indicators

  • Comes home later than usual for unexplained reasons
  • Binge eats or eats less, resulting in weight loss
  • Hangs around with an older crowd
  • Wears expensive clothing and/or jewellery he/she could not possibly afford to buy
  • Carries a cell phone or pager using blocked or private phone numbers
  • Carries condoms or other sexual aids
  • Secretive about Internet sites and contacts
Modified: 2012-11-15
PID: 15419