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Public Education

Together, we can help protect children and youth from a life of sexual abuse.

That’s the message the Alberta government and the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) are sending to hotel and lodging owners, operators and staff through a new joint education campaign.

Campaign materials

Child sexual exploitation occurs when a child under 18 is involved in a sexual act in exchange for money, food, shelter, or any other consideration.

Perpetrators may use hotels and motels to carry out this type of child abuse without the knowledge of the owners, managers or staff. This campaign provides accommodation industry staff with:

  • information about child sexual exploitation;
  • the signs to watch for; and
  • what to do if they see something suspicious – talk to their supervisors and call 1‑800‑387‑KIDS (5437) or the local police.
Modified: 2012-11-15
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