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The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act is the legal authority for providing child intervention services in Alberta. It requires the provision of services which can be expected to correct or relieve the problem that caused a child to be in need of protective services.

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Drug-endangered Children Act

Drug activity is increasing throughout our province and innocent children are being found in places where drugs are being sold or produced, such as methamphetamine labs and indoor marijuana grow operations. It is clear that children exposed to an adult’s involvement in serious drug activity, such as manufacturing and trafficking, are victims of abuse and need protection.

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Protection Against Family Violence Act

Family violence has devastating consequences for families and communities throughout the province. In order to help end this cycle of abusive behaviour, the Alberta government continues to make preventing family violence one of its top priorities.

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Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act

Help is available to children sexually exploited through prostitution through the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act.

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