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Published Date: May 15, 2013
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06 Person Record

Adding Additional Information

Financials Tab

Bank Accounts
Contain the details of an individual’s bank account. Entered and modified when financial products are being generated through Mobius. The same user cannot enter and approve a bank account for an individual.

Anchor Point: Person Home Page

Enter a bank account:

  1. Select the Financials Tab then select the Bank Accounts Page from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select New.
  3. Complete the fields:
    • Account Name: Individual’s last name followed by last 2 digits of the account number.
    • Bank/Branch: Select from the search field.
    • Account Number: Account number as identified in the documentation presented.
    • Evidence Presented: Bank Authorization, None or Void Cheque. Select the method by which the information was received.
    • Account Type: i.e. chequing or savings.
    • From: The date the direct deposit authorization was signed – do not future date.
    • To: Use only if the account is no longer being used and a new one is being entered.
    • Primary: Identifies a primary bank account. Select this check box for all new accounts being entered.
    • Joint Account: Select this box if the account is a joint account.
  4. Select Save.
    • This will trigger the Second Approver Workflow by creating a manual approve bank account task and sending it to the second approver who will either Approve or Reject the new bank account.

If the bank account is approved (active), the user can enter the date or make a joint account using the modify function. If the bank account is still pending approval, user can modify all bank account information.