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Published Date: May 15, 2013
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06 Person Record

Adding Additional Information

Contact Tab

New addresses can be added and existing addresses can be modified. The types of addresses are: Mailing, Residence, and Business.

Anchor Point: Person Home Page

Changing an address:

  1. Select Contact Tab, and then select Addresses Page from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Edit the current address to add an end date to previous address.
  3. Select New to add a new address.
  4. Do not edit the existing address to reflect the new address as a history of address changes needs to be maintained.
  5. The address is only deleted when it is entered in error.
  6. If the addresses do not verify, it will affect payments issued via Mobius.

All addresses should have the status of Verified. A Verified address has been checked against Canada Post standards for address entry. Example:

Address Line 1    12345 67 St
City                     Edmonton
Postal Code         T5T 1G4

Address Line 1    RR3
Address Line 2    Site 9 PO Box 4
City                     Rocky Mountain
Postal Code        T4T 2A3

Mobius will not verify residential addresses if mail is addressed to a PO Box.