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Published Date: May 15, 2013
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06 Person Record

Adding Additional Information


An Alert indicates if there is information users should be aware. Use caution when entering an Alert. There are two categories of Alerts:

A Safety Alert is entered only if there is a potential for physical danger or harm to others. The types are:

  • Approach with Caution
    Individual poses a physical threat to others (i.e. may have previously threatened or assaulted others).
  • Health
    Individual poses a health concern to self or others.
  • Conversion
    Any Alert existing in Mobius prior to May 2012.

An Eligibility Alert is entered when there are concerns regarding the individual’s eligibility. The types are:

  • Other Source of Income or Resources
    Eligibility concerns have been identified. May also be used for non-financial eligibility concerns.
  • Investigation
    Individual is currently under review for eligibility purposes.

Anchor Point: Person Home Page

To Enter an Alert:

  1. Select Background Tab, and then select Alerts Page from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select New.
  3. Complete the mandatory and required fields.
  4. Do not complete the end date unless the Alert no longer applies.
  5. Select Save. An exclamation mark will appear in the corner of the photo area in the Context Panel.

To Close an Alert:

  1. Select Background Tab, then select Alerts Page from the Navigation panel.
  2. Select Edit from List Action Menu from the alert to be closed.
  3. Enter an end date.
  4. Select Save. The exclamation mark will disappear. The Alert will still appear in the previous list, but is not considered to be currently active.