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Published Date: May 15, 2013
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06 Person Record

Remove a Duplicate Record

A duplicate record is when an individual is entered into Mobius more than once and has multiple EIIID (Reference ID) numbers. The user determines which record should remain active.

Anchor Point: Person Search

  1. Locate the individual with duplicate record.
  2. Open the Person Home Page for the identified duplicate(s).
  3. Copy over the information from the duplicates to the identified record that will be retained.
  4. Click on the Addresses (located under the contact tab in the middle of the page).
  5. Click on New.
  6. Under type, select Residence.
  7. Leave the current date and select Primary.
  8. Under address option select Provided.
  9. In address line 1: type in Duplicate, select Save.
  10. Edit the previous address and enter an end date, select Save.
  11. Close any necessary information (e.g. Integrated Case, Service Agreement, etc.).

Do not enter Duplicate in any other field on the client’s record.