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Published Date: May 15, 2013
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06 Person Record


For security reasons, the search process is different for Internal and External users.

Internal Users

  • Can search with only one piece of identifying information (i.e. Social Insurance Number or EIIID (Reference ID) or with the last name).
  • Searching with broad criteria such as name slows the system and takes significantly longer.

External Users

Must have the Social Insurance Number (SIN) plus one of the following:

  • Date of Birth, or
  • Full or partial last name
Although there are additional search criteria allowed on the search screen, users should use the criteria listed above.

Anchor Point: Workspace Application Section

  1. Search for a Person using the Quick Links on the Home Page.
    You may also use the Search function from the Shortcuts panel in the Workspace Tab.
  2. Enter Search Criteria and select Search.  Search results will be displayed.
  3. If a match is found, select the matching record and modify/upgrade as required.
  4. If no match is found, proceed to Register a Person from the Tab Action menu.