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Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Programs and Services

Advanced Education Stop Orders - Temporary/Permanent

P09. Advanced Education Stop Order - Temporary


The following outlines the process for a temporary Advanced Education Stop Order.


Provider is registered in Mobius. Programs/courses have been approved by Advanced Education and are in Mobius.

Advanced Education executes a Stop Order.

GOA departments – Advanced Education (Director of PVTB)

Ensures Provider and Programs Registry System (PAPRS) is updated.


Generates Exception Report for Mobius Support.

Employment and Financial Supports Division, Mobius Support Staff

If there are no referrals, modify session seat number to “0” or delete the appropriate sessions.

If there are active referrals, modify seat number to current number of referrals.

Notifies LISO via email to EI-DS CDS-LISO to stop further referrals and the processing of funding applications and cc’s Mobius Support.

Notifies Contract Services Coordinator (CSC) via email of stop order and action taken.

Notifies Delivery Partnership Unit and CSC via email if/when stop order is rescinded.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Product Provider registration should only be ended if Stop Order is permanent.

Before a Product Provider registration can be ended, it is necessary to:

  1. Delete all active sessions,
  2. End/delete all active programs/courses/services.

In order to stop/suspend further referrals from being made, the session seat number has to be modified to reflect the current number of referrals.

If a stop order does not appear on the exception report, an email may be sent from Advanced Education with the stop order information.