Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: February 14, 2013
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19 Administrative Procedures

File Creation and Structure

  • To minimize paper documentation on the Income Support file. 
  • To aid in the creation of new files and develop consistent filing practices on active files.



Files are created in a manner that ensures information on the new file does not duplicate information available on other ministry computer systems (e.g. CCD, TOMIS, LISA, Mobius). File structure must be consistent in all offices.

File Creation 

Upon completion of the intake process, the Career and Employment Consultant (CEC) compiles and attaches all client documents and gives them to the Unit Administrative Support (AS) staff for file creation. Only the required documents (when applicable) as identified in the relevant policy section and summarized on the EMP0012 Client File Checklist are filed on the Income Support File.

Most of the following forms are for internal use and are not available to the public from the website. 

Active Files

When creating a new volume, the following original documents will be placed on the new volume:

  • The most recent photo ID for the head of household and the spouse/partner, if applicable; and
  • The most recent application (i.e., EMP3428 Income Support Application or EMP2004 Notice Of Eligibility); and
  • The most recent medical or specialized assessment; and
  • The most recent direct deposit form.  
  • Note
    All other original documentation is to remain in chronological order on the volume it was originally placed.

    File Sections

    Upon receipt of required documents, the AS staff will file the documents according to the following sections:

    Section One: Eligibility and Legal Documents
    Documents that are eligibility related or are legal in nature. Examples of documents filed in this section include: 

  • AEHB2563A Application/Invoice for Funeral Expenses
  • AEHB2598 Request for Estimate – Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit
  • EMP2004 Notice of Eligibility or, if pre Alberta Works, HRE 1528 Application for Financial Benefits
  • EMP3428 Income Support Application and all other related schedules (including the EMP3428D Schedule D Alberta Adult Health Benefit (AAHB) Enrollment and Renewal)
  • EMP3854 Application for Emergency Prescription Drugs
    • Immigration Documents:
  • IMM1000 Record of Landing
  • IMM5545 Application for a Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement
    of an Immigration Document
  • EMP3828A Request for Family Class Information
  • EMP3827 Request for Non-Family Class Information
    • Legal Documents:
  • EMP2544 Denial of Spouse/ Partner
  • EMP3223 Statutory Declaration of an Interpreter
  • EMP3281 Consent for the Disclosure of Personal Information (IS)
  • Repayment Agreements including Assignment of Benefits, Overpayment letter, and Closure letter advising of Right to Appeal 
  • EMP0509 Financial Administrator Appointment
  • Section Two: Payment Documents

    Documents associated with the issuance of benefits. Examples of documents filed in this section include:

  • EMP0110 Annual Report Income Support
  • EMP0151A Statutory Declaration (Loss of cheque)
  • EMP1886 Client Reporting Card (if applicable for the file)
  • EMP2443IS Direct Deposit Registration (Income Support)
  • Section Three: Case Planning Documents

    Documents related to case planning.

    Section Four: Substantiation/ Verification Documents

    Documents associated with substantiation and verification and any documents not listed in other sections. Examples of documents filed in this section include:

    • Medical Documentation:
  • Medical Notes/ documentation supports current client category
  • Specialized Assessments (Psycho-Educational, Occupational, etc.)
  • EMP0207 IS Medical Report  
  • DS2066 AISH Medical Report
  • Other documents including special diet, medical transportation,
    additional shelter or other related medical benefits, only if policy requires written documentation 
    • Income Verification:
  • Notice of Eligibility for Canada Pension Plan or Canada Pension Plan – Disability 


    The administrative staff restructures and maintains client files as follows:

  • The most recent of all new and reopened client files are filed according to the above identified sections;
  • Client files are filed in alphabetical order by surname.
  • Documents are filed in chronological order (most recent on top).
  • Client files are only restructured to meet these filing practices whenever a new volume is created or a file transfer is coordinated with a different office.