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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Learner Income Support Benefits

Training Benefits


Income and Employment Supports Act, Division 3


Learners may be eligible for training benefits to assist with the cost of attending a full-time training program. Training benefits include:

  • tuition costs
  • books
  • supplies
  • mandatory fees
  • student association fees.


Training providers must provide training costs by completing the Training Provider Information form. The costs are as follows:

  • Tuition – is a fee charged to learners in regards to instruction.


  • Books – are essential to the successful completion of an approved training program. Examples include textbooks, book rentals,  photocopied materials.


  • Supplies – are essential to the successful completion of an approved training program.  Examples include binders, paper, pens, calculators, graphing calculator, printing costs, lab coats (purchase cost for one), uniforms (purchase cost for one), and internet fees. Does not include computer hardware.


  • Mandatory fees – refers to flat-rate charges incurred by all the learners in an approved training program for libraries, technology, laboratories and any other facilities the use of which is necessary to both assist in instruction and program completion, but does not include tuition fees and fees for health and dental benefits.


  • Student Association Fees – are payable to a students association for student association activities.  Effective August 1, 2004 for Non-EI learners, and August 1, 2010 for EI and Apprentice learners, student association fees do not include fees for health and dental benefits.

Training benefits are paid by the Government of Alberta on behalf of Learners to the training provider, for tuition-funded programs and contract-based training. Books and supplies to attend Government of Alberta funded training are paid to either the learner or the training provider.


Learners attending tuition-funded programs will be assessed for training benefits with the submission of a Learner Income Support Application for Full-Time Study.

Learners attending contract training have their training benefits covered through a contract between the Government of Alberta and the training provider.


Learner Benefit Coordinator, Learner Income Support Office (LISO)