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Published Date: July 29, 2016
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13 Federal Child Benefit (National Child Benefit Supplement - NCBS)


Each July after rollover occurs and the August budget screen is visible on LISA, Systems and Applications Support will run a program which:

  • Removes all Child Supplement Allowance (NCBS Replacement Benefit) need codes from existing client files in preparation for new Canada Child Benefit information based on the previous taxation year and
  • Increases the asset levels.  

LISA is unable to adjust files with:

  • Budget Status 2
  • No budget exists
  • A main payment of $1

ASR02 “Reject Report, Standard Benefit Not Adjusted for YYYY/08” is produced identifying one of the above reasons. Workers must manually review these files to determine ongoing assistance.

LISA budget adjustments appear on reports provided to the Community and Social Services office, which indicate the eligibility of the client for on-going assistance.

If Eligible for Ongoing Benefits

If the family remains eligible for ongoing assistance after the LISA adjustments are completed, these clients may appear on both of the following reports:

WER02 “Files Adjusted, NCB Need Codes Deleted for YYYY/08” ASR01 “Standard Benefits Adjusted for YYYY/08”

The worker processes the budget as per normal procedures.

If Ineligible for Ongoing Benefits

Families who are not eligible for ongoing benefits as a result of LISA adjustments are identified on one of the following reports:

WER01 “Income Exceeds Needs, NCB Need Codes Deleted, Budget Deleted for YYYY/08”

ASR03 “Standard Benefit Not Adjusted, Income Exceeds Needs, Main Payment Set to Returned for YYYY/08”

Workers manually review files identified on the reports to ensure clients are ineligible due to deletion of the Child Supplement Allowance (NCBS Replacement Benefit) or any decrease in core essential benefits. The client may be determined to be eligible for Alberta Adult Health Benefit (AAHB) coverage based on a review of the reports, the file, their monthly reporting, and either the Canada Child Benefit Notice of Determination or the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) Verification.


AAHB coverage is available to existing clients whose file closes because of an increase in the Federal Child Benefit amount (maximum NCBS).