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Employment Insurance Initiatives

Published Date: December 05, 2012
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Canada's Economic Action Plan 2009

As part of its Economic Action Plan 2009, the Government of Canada announced two temporary Career Transition Assistance initiatives to help long-tenured workers renew or upgrade their skills while receiving regular employment insurance benefits.

The objective of the Extended Employment Insurance and Training Incentive pilot project was to test whether extending employment insurance regular benefits encouraged long-tenured workers to pursue training and reintegrate into sustainable employment.

The objective of the Severance Investment in Training Incentive was to encourage unemployed long-tenured workers who received separation money to finance training that would improve their chances of finding employment. Eligible participants received earlier access to regular employment insurance benefits.

Both temporary measures came into force on May 31, 2009. Eligible Canadians included long-tenured workers who established claims between January 25, 2009 and May 29, 2010 and a Service Plan by October 9, 2010.

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