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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: August 05, 2016
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03 Case Management

Applicant Assessment

Applicant Parentage Evidence

Parentage Evidence

For applicants where the presumptions of parentage due to marriage apply, the CSW completes the CSS 4010 Applicant Affidavit and does not need to provide additional parentage information. [FLA Section 8(1)(a)(b)(c)]

When the applicant states that there is divorce action pending, the CSW may decide to allow a brief time for this action to be concluded prior to initiating action under the FLA.

For applicants where the presumptions of parentage due to marriage do not apply, the CSW must:
  • Determine the name of the respondent
  • Discuss evidence of parentage

Inform the applicant they are required to fully cooperate in providing information about the pregnancy.

Evidence Required for Dependants 18 Years Of Age and Older

The applicant must provide proof of their child(ren)’s full-time attendance from the educational institution where the child(ren) is a student for each dependant who is 18 years or older. This must be used as an attachment to the applicant’s CSS 4010 Applicant Affidavit or the approved applicant supplemental Affidavit when support is being pursued for a dependant 18 years of age or older.

CSS applications for support only include dependants on the assistance file and do not include post-secondary students.