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Published Date: March 18, 2014
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Ordinarily Resident in Alberta


Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, section 3(3)(a)


To describe what AISH considers when determining if an applicant or client is ordinarily resident in Alberta.


To be eligible for AISH benefits, an applicant or client must ordinarily reside in Alberta. Eligibility for AISH benefits may continue during temporary absences from Alberta.

Regardless of the circumstance, applicants and clients must notify AISH as soon as reasonably possible about their dependent children’s absences from Alberta that exceed one month.  For additional information see: Maintaining Eligibility.

Ordinarily Resident Determination

Whether a person is considered ordinarily resident in Alberta depends on factors that relate to the person living in Alberta and having an established home, social life, personal interests, economic connections, among other things, that would indicate the person has an intention to continue a regular and customary mode of life in Alberta.

When determining if a person who temporarily leaves Alberta is ordinarily resident in Alberta, a number of factors are considered, including:

  • The person’s residential ties to Alberta or elsewhere, including:
    • maintenance of a residence;
    • a cohabiting partner, dependent children and other family ties;
    • personal property (e.g. vehicles, household items, clothing);
    • social ties and personal interests (e.g. friendships, involvement in social activities, social clubs or teams);
    • economic ties (e.g. employment, bank accounts, credit cards, retirement savings plans, investments); and
    • other ties (e.g. health insurance coverage, tenant’s insurance, a driver’s license, vehicle registration).
  • The regularity, length, purpose and intention of stays within and outside Alberta.

Clients who are ordinarily resident in Alberta may temporarily leave Alberta and continue to be eligible to receive AISH benefits:

  • to seek medical treatment approved by Alberta Health;
  • with prior approval by AISH, an education or training program that is not available to the client in Alberta; or
  • in other circumstances, for up to a combined six months in a twelve month period. With prior approval by AISH, absences that exceed this six month timeline may be approved in exceptional circumstances.

Ordinarily resident determinations are made on a case by case basis after a review of the circumstances in each case.

No Longer Ordinarily Resident in Alberta

AISH benefits are discontinued when it is determined that a client is no longer ordinarily resident in Alberta.

Moving to Alberta

AISH applicants must be ordinarily resident in Alberta before they are eligible to receive AISH benefits. AISH applicants are required to have an established residence in Alberta.

Residency Requirements for Cohabiting Partners and Dependent Children

The definitions of cohabiting partner and dependent child outline the residency requirements required by these individuals to access AISH benefits they may be eligible for.

In order to receive health benefits, cohabiting partners and dependent children must also meet additional Canadian citizenship or residency requirements.