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Published Date: April 03, 2017
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Administrative Review


To describe the Administrative Review process and try to resolve issues outlined in the appeal notice before the appeal is heard by the Appeal Panel.


An Administrative Review is initiated when AISH receives an affected party’s appeal notice. The purpose of the Administrative Review is to examine the information and circumstances leading to the decision being appealed, in an effort to resolve the complaint before the appeal hearing. Contact with the affected party may be necessary to confirm facts of the decision being appealed or clarify concerns detailed in an appeal notice.

The Administrative Review is conducted by an AISH worker who did not make the original decision being appealed and is normally completed within fourteen calendar days of receipt of the appeal notice. The time period to complete the Administrative Review does not commence until the issue(s) under appeal has been clarified. Clarification of the issue(s) may be done through contact between the program and the Appellant or between the Appeals Secretariat and the Appellant. In situations where the decision under appeal is complex, the AISH worker may require up to an additional seven calendar days to complete the Administrative Review.

An Administrative Review consists of reviewing the original decision and all relevant documentation and determining if information was missed or was not available during the initial decision-making process. It can also involve reviewing additional information the Appellant has submitted after the appeal notice was filed. If the review results in  the decision being reversed or varied, the affected party will be advised in writing.

In situations where an affected party provides additional information after the Administrative Review has been completed, the affected party will be advised in writing if a review of the additional information results in reversal or varying of the decision being appealed. If a review of the information does not result in a change in the decision, the Appellant will not receive a new decision letter confirming the original decision; the additional information will be provided to the Appeal Panel and the appeal will proceed as scheduled.

For more information about providing additional information prior to an appeal hearing, contact the Appeals Secretariat.