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Published Date: March 01, 2014
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Personal Benefits



Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, section 3
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulation, sections 2 and 8; Schedule 3 and section 2


To describe what assistance is available to clients to help with the costs of specific travel expenses.


In order to receive a personal benefit, the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Personal Benefits section must be met.

AISH provides a travel benefit for a client or their dependent child, to assist with the costs of traveling, in specific circumstances. Travel benefits may also be provided to the client to pay for a person to accompany them or their dependent child, except for travel to access employment, training, or a structured program.

A travel benefit may be provided when a client is required to travel in the following circumstances:

Health-Related Travel

Travel required to access health services that are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, AISH or the Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) programs:

  • For a medical condition that requires frequent access to health services and is life threatening or that could be permanently debilitating unless the services are provided, or
  • Travel outside the community is required to receive non-emergency services for health reasons; or
  • Travel outside the home community to receive addictions treatment in a residential addiction program approved by Alberta Health Services.

Court or Requested Travel

  • Travel outside the community to appear in court if required by the Government of Canada or the Government of Alberta;
  • Travel outside the community to comply with a court order; or
  • Travel requested by AISH.

Training or Structured Program Travel

  • Access to a training or employment program that supports efforts to obtain employment; or
  • Access to a structured program.

A structured program contains one or more of the following elements regardless of whether the program is in the day or evening:

  • Life skills;
  • Pre-employment;
  • Work experience and volunteering; or
  • Training or education.


The travel benefit covers expenses associated with transportation, accommodation, food, and child care. Travel benefits are not provided to cover employment-related travel expenses. In order to qualify for the accommodation and food allowances, a client must be required to travel for more than 24 hours outside their home community. Exceptions may be granted to this policy with prior approval.

Transportation Rate

  • Actual cost of the most economical means of public transportation; or
  • When the individual cannot reasonably be expected to use public transportation, or there is no public transportation;
    • $0.30 per kilometre (effective October 1, 2008), or
    • The actual cost of taxi fare.

Rate History – Transportation Rate

$0.30 per km
October 1, 2008

$0.20 per km
October 1, 2005

Accommodation Rate

  • Actual cost of a reasonable hotel, motel, or other accommodation, as approved by AISH.

Food Rate

  • Adult $20 per day.
  • Dependent child $15 per day.

Child Care Rate

The Child Care allowance may be issued in situations where it is unreasonable for the dependent child to accompany the client, and no other adult family member is available to provide child care.