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Published Date: January 01, 2015
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Health Benefits



Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, section 3
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulation, section 7


To describe the circumstances under which ambulance services are covered


AISH covers the costs of emergency ambulance services to the nearest hospital. If a client, cohabiting partner, or dependent child are covered under another health or insurance plan and the ambulance costs exceed the plan coverage, AISH will pay the difference up to the maximum rate set by Alberta Health for government health benefits programs.

Ambulance services will only be provided:

  • When a client, cohabiting partner, or dependent child is listed on a valid AISH Health Benefits Card (HBC);
  • In an emergency;
  • Within the province of Alberta;
  • To clients for the benefit period in which the ambulance service is given;
  • Upon approval by AISH, when cohabiting partners and dependent children are added after the HBC was issued; and
  • Where no other insurance or government department is responsible for coverage.

Special ambulance usage may be approved for clients who cannot use any other reasonable means of transportation to return home from the hospital or under other extraordinary circumstances.

AISH receives audits and reports from Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) on individual ambulance operators, ensuring compliance with AISH policies and service expectations. AISH follows up on any reports or irregularities when abuse of ambulance services is suspected.