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Published Date: March 18, 2014
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Maintaining Eligibility


Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, section 5
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulations, sections 5, 11 and 13


To outline the responsibilities of AISH clients and their cohabiting partners in order to maintain eligibility for AISH benefits.


The responsibilities of AISH clients and their cohabiting partners for maintaining eligibility are as follows:

It is the responsibility of clients to:

  • Seek and accept reasonable employment for reasonable wages;
  • Retain employment that they can reasonably hold;
  • Make use of appropriate training and rehabilitative measures to improve their medical condition or to improve their ability to earn a livelihood;
  • Comply with a referral made by AISH;
  • Use benefits for the purpose for which they are intended; and
  • Reside in Alberta.

It is the responsibility of clients and their cohabiting partners to:

  • Make use of or claim income to which they are entitled;
  • Make use of or claim the benefit of an asset to which they are entitled;
  • Provide accurate and complete information;
  • Comply with AISH requests to gather or verify information directly from a third party; and
  • Report any changes in circumstances.

AISH may refuse, vary, suspend, or discontinue a benefit for which a client is eligible if the client or cohabiting partner does not fulfill his or her responsibilities.

Reporting Changes in Circumstances

Applicants, clients, and their cohabiting partners are responsible to advise AISH of changes in circumstances that may affect their eligibility for or level of benefits.

Any changes to the following must be reported to AISH as soon as reasonably possible and information about the reasons and time period for the change must be included:

  • Change in income;
  • Change in assets;
  • Change in medical condition;
  • Change in employment status;
  • Change in ability to seek and accept reasonable employment;
  • Change in ability to undertake appropriate training and rehabilitation;
  • Change in cohabitation status;
  • Change in number of dependent children;
  • Change in need for personal benefits;
  • Change in address, including moving to or from an institution, facility, or hospital;
  • Absences from Alberta over one month; and
  • A permanent move from Alberta.

Because of the nature of their medical conditions, many AISH applicants and clients have trustees, guardians, or financial administrators. Trustees and guardians must advise AISH when they are appointed.

Trustees, guardians, and financial administrators have the same responsibility for providing information and reporting any changes in circumstances to AISH as the applicant or client.

Eligibility review of existing cases

To confirm ongoing eligibility, AISH may request a review of circumstances at any time.

In some cases, AISH may request additional medical information from a client. AISH will cover the cost of any additional medical information that it requests.