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Published Date: January 02, 2019
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News and Updates (Program Policy)

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    Policy Manual Update / Memo Title Effective Date
    AISH-Program-2019-007 Overpayments 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-006 Increases to the Exemptions for Employment / Self-Employment Income, Passive Business Income and Spousal/Cohabiting Partner Pension Income 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-005 Changes to AISH Personal Benefit Rates 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-004 Increase to the Child Benefit Rate 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-003 Change to the Asset Limit for the Child Benefit and Personal Benefits 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-002 Increases to the AISH Monthly Living Allowance and the Modified AISH Living Allowance Rates 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2019-001 An Act to Combat Poverty and Fight for Albertans with Disabilities - Legislative References in the Policy Manual, New Indexing Policy and Changes to Income Policies 01/01/19
    AISH-Program-2018-008 Modified Living Allowance 01/11/18
    AISH-Program-2018-007 Lubicon Lake Band No. 453 Treaty 8 Lands and Benefits Claim Settlement Agreement: Treatment of Per Capita Distribution Payments as Income and Assets 25/10/18
    AISH-Program-2018-006 Applying for AISH 27/07/18
    AISH-Program-2018-005 Determining Eligibility for AISH 25/07/18
    AISH-Program-2018-004 Increase to the Modified AISH Maximum Accommodation Rate 01/07/18
    AISH-Program-2018-003 Amendments to the AISH Act and AISH General Regulation: Treatment of Trusts and 12 Month Asset Exemption for Certain Payments 06/04/18
    AISH-Program-2018-002 Appeals 23/02/18
    AISH-Program-2018-001 Per Capita Distribution Payments from Piikani Nation Grazing Leases Special Claim Settlement Agreement - Treatment as Income and Assets  24/01/18
    Applying for AISH 11/12/17
    Per Capital Distribution Payments from Treaty 8 Agricultural Benefits Settlement Agreements - Treatment as Income and Assets 30/10/17
    Increase to the Modified AISH Maximum Accommodation Rate 01/06/17
    Appeals Secretariat Office in Edmonton 23/05/17 
    Appeals 03/04/17
    AISH Employment Income Exemption Calculation Examples  01/02/17
    AISH-Program-2017-001 Direct Deposit Payment Dates 18/01/17
    Alberta Carbon Levy and Rebate 23/12/16 
    AISH-Program-2016-009 Escaping Abuse 09/08/16
    AISH-Program-2016-008 Alberta Child Welfare Class Action Settlement - Treatment of Income and Assets 08/07/16
    AISH-Program-2016-007 Applying for AISH 07/07/16
    AISH-Program-2016-006 Increase to the Modified AISH Maximum Accommodation Rate 30/06/16
    AISH-Program-2016-005 Debit Card Relief Funding 11/05/16
    AISH-Program-2016-004 AISH Clients Accessing Full-Time Learner Training 07/03/16
    AISH-Program-2016-003 Administrative Review 15/01/16
    AISH-Program-2016-002 Direct Deposit Payment Schedule 2016 08/01/16
    AISH-Program-2016-001 Notice of Overpayment Assessment 08/01/16
    AISH-Program-2015-012 Modified Living Allowance 05/11/15
    AISH-Program-2015-011 Non-Attendance of an Appellant 06/10/15
    AISH-Program-2015-010 Retroactive Payment of Personal Benefits at Commencement 10/07/15
    AISH-Program-2015-009 Modified Living Allowance 01/07/15
    AISH-Program-2015-008 Alberta Adult Health Benefit Changes to Qualifying Income Levels 01/07/15
    AISH-Program-2015-007 Payments Issues to Tsuu T'ina First Nation Members Under the Calgary Ring Road Agreement 26/06/15
    AISH-Program-2015-006 Cohabiting Partners 13/05/15
    AISH-Program-2015-005 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Administrators 30/04/15
    AISH-Program-2015-004 Business Income and Assets 08/04/15
    AISH-Program-2015-003 Alberta Centennial Education Savings (ACES) Plan 01/04/15
    AISH-Program-2015-002 Notice of Overpayment Assessment 03/03/15
    AISH-MEMO-2015-001 New TOI Contact Email Address 29/01/15
    AISH-Program-2015-001 Commencement Date for Applicants in Institutions 06/01/15
    AISH-Program-2014-002 Determining the Value of Assets - Trusts 14/11/14
    AISH-Program-2014-001 Determining the Value of Assets - Communal Farms 06/10/14