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Published Date: July 09, 2018
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News and Updates (LIS)

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    Policy Manual Update / Memo Title Effective Date
    IS-LEARNER-2018-002 Change to the Child Supplement Allowance 01/07/18
    LIS-MEMO-2018-003 Email Address Updates 11/04/18
    LIS-MEMO-2018-002 Learner Income Support Office Work Queues 23/02/18
    LIS-MEMO-2018-001 2017 Tax Slips for Learners  30/01/18
    IS-LEARNER-2018-001 Piikani Grazing Leases Specific Claim Payments-Asset Exemption  25/01/18
    IS-LEARNER-2017-006 Income Support, Training and Health Benefit Regulation Amendment 17/11/17
    IS-LEARNER-2017-005 Agricultural Benefit Settlement Agreement Payments - Income and Asset Exemption 17/11/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-007 Streamlined Service Delivery for Foundational Learners - Phase Two  19/09/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-006 Learner Income Support Application Checklist 30/06/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-005 Foundational Learning Supports Training Benefits Grant Agreement Q&A 06/06/17 
    LIS-MEMO-2017-004 Periods of potential phone lines and operations disruption during Common Service Delivery Relocation 01/06/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-003 Updated Learner Income Support PDF Forms 30/05/17
    IS-LEARNER-2017-004 Appeals Secretariat Address Update 23/05/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-002 Clarification of Employment Status and Learner Client Funding Type 29/05/17
    IS-LEARNER-2017-003 Mandate Alignment - Ministerial Orders 16/05/17
    IS-LEARNER-2017-002 The Appeal Package 14/03/17
    IS-LEARNER-2017-001 Escaping Abuse Benefit 03/03/17
    LIS-MEMO-2017-001 2016 Tax Slips for Learners 09/02/17
    LIS-MEMO-2016-010 Exemption of Carbon Rebate 20/12/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-009 2016 Tax Slips for Learners 09/12/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-013 Right to Appeal and the Appeal Process 21/10/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-012 Alberta Child Benefit 01/08/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-008 Submission of Learner Funding Applications and distribution of Learner Cheques – Potential Work Stoppage by Canada Post 30/08/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-011 Canada Child Benefit 23/08/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-007 Update - Distribution of Alberta Works Learner Cheques - Potential Work Stoppage by Canada Post 10/08/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-006 Updated Online Learner Applications 25/07/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-005 Submission of Learner Funding Applications - Potential Work Stoppage by Canada Post 20/07/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-004 2015 Tax Slips for Learners 04/07/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-010 Clarification of the Treatment of Assets for Learner Households 28/06/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-003 Distribution of Alberta Works Learner Cheques - Potential Work Stoppage by Canada Post 22/06/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-009 Debit Card Relief Funding 11/05/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-002 Updated Learner Applications 01/04/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-008 Policy Changes for New Streamlined Delivery Model 01/04/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-007 Duplicate Payments 03/03/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-006 Exceptions to Eligibility Criteria 01/03/16
    LIS-MEMO-2016-001 2015 Tax Slips for Learners 05/02/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-005 Direct Deposit - Bank Stamp Requirement 29/01/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-004 Two Attending 15/01/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-003 Appeal Package 15/01/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-002 Administrative Review 15/01/16
    IS-LEARNER-2016-001 Indemnity Claim from a Financial Institution or Cashing Agency 12/01/16
    IS-LEARNER-2015-006 Transitioning Funding Support for Apprenticeship-related Programs from Human Services to Innovation and Advanced Education 01/10/15
    IS-LEARNER-2015-005 E01. Enter Evidence - Full-Time Non-EI/EI - Authorized Official 29/07/15
    LIS-MEMO-2015-001 Transitioning Funding Support for Apprenticeship-related Programs from Human Services to Innovation and Advanced Education 24/07/15
    IS-LEARNER-2015-004 Tsuu T'ina First Nation Income and Asset Exemption 26/06/15
    IS-LEARNER-2015-003 Authority to Grant Appeal Time Extensions 01/06/15
    IS-LEARNER-2015-002 Human Services Investigations 01/04/15
    IS-LEARNER-2015-001 Termination of Alberta Centennial Education Savings (ACES) Benefits 01/04/15
    LIS-MEMO-2014-003 2015 Tax Slips for Learners 20/11/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-006 Occupational Training 01/04/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-005 Referencing of the Ministerial Orders in the Alberta Works Policy Manual 21/08/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-004 Overpayment, Debt and Recovery 18/07/14
    LIS-MEMO-2014-002 Updated Fact Sheet: National Child Benefit Supplement 19/06/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-003 ETW/BFE/Learner Investigation 02/05/14
    LIS-MEMO-2014-001 Human Services - Support to Student Aid Alberta Learners 17/03/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-002 Updating Immigration Status for Learners 05/03/14
    IS-LEARNER-2014-001 Income Support Eligibility for Spouses/Cohabiting Partners 06/02/14
    IS-LEARNER-2013-009 The Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel (formerly the Citizens' Appeal Panel) 17/12/13
    IS-LEARNER-2013-008 Liquid Assets and Asset Exemptions 06/11/13
    IS-LEARNER-2013-007 Duplicate Payments 06/11/13
    IS-LEARNER-2013-006 Payments from the Red Cross and other Charitable Organizations for Southern Alberta Floods 24/09/13
    IS-LEARNER-2013-005 Exemption of 2013 Flood Relief Payments and Compensation 31/07/13
    IS-LEARNER-2013-004 Cheques 10/07/13
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