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Published Date: October 09, 2018
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    Policy Manual Update / Memo Title Effective Date
    HB-MEMO-2018-001 Medical Cannabis Funding 09/10/18
    HB-MEMO-2016-002 Changes to Coverage of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) 01/10/16
    HB-MEMO-2016-001 New Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) Email Address 01/10/16
    HB-2015-002 Alberta Adult Health Benefit and Alberta Child Health Benefit Changes to Qualifying Income Levels 01/07/15
    HB-2015-001 Ambulance Services 01/01/15
    HB-2014-002 Referencing of the Ministerial Orders in the Alberta Works Online Policy Manual 21/08/14
    HB-2014-001 Optical Benefits - Supervisor Approval for Replacement by Repayment 16/06/14
    HB-MEMO-2014-003 Health Benefits Exception Committee and Health Benefits Staff New Address and Fax Number 08/05/14
    HB-MEMO-2014-001 SIN and PHN Information for Income Support Leavers 29/01/14
    HB-2013-003 Extended Renewal Process for HBEC Approvals 15/11/13
    HB-MEMO-2013-003 Denturist and Dental Hygienist Schedules of Fees 24/07/13
    HB-MEMO-2013-002 Extension of Dental Services Agreement 24/07/13
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