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Business Processes

Published Date: March 18, 2019
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Registration/Service Management

R11. Hard Delete of Notes in Mobius

If a worker would like to have a Note on a client’s file completely deleted from Mobius it needs to go through Mobius Requests.
  1. Worker shows the Note that they want deleted to a supervisor with a reasonable explanation for deletion.
    1. There needs to be a serious reason to have a note hard deleted from Mobius (i.e.;  a Note is written on the wrong file)
  2. If the supervisor approves, the worker will delete the Note in Mobius (which will appear as ‘cancelled’), and then email requesting the Note be hard deleted from the file and include the reason why.
    1. Please include your supervisor on the email to confirm approval. 
  3. Mobius Supports will hard delete the note from Mobius.
  4. Mobius Supports will let the user know when it is completed.
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