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Published Date: February 21, 2019
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Mobius ICM User Guide

Common Holistic Assessment

4.3 Resume


The Common Holistic Assessment in Mobius is the record of the information gathered through the Needs Identification and Holistic Assessment conversation to reflect an individual/family’s strengths, barriers and natural supports.  The information is organized by domains and factors and should be used as input to the analysis, next steps and pathway determination.


Anchor Point: Assessments tab in Common Outcome Plan

  1. From the Individual/Family Common Outcome Plan Page, select the Assessments tab 
  2. Select the line Action menu
  3. Select Resume


      • Upon selecting resume, the system will show the Assessment screen (follow same instructions as Create the CHA user guide)
      • Only Assessments with Status of “In Progress” can be resume
      • Completed Assessment can be copied to a new Assessment

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