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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: November 24, 2017
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08 Program Applications

There are six programs that can be applied for through an electronic application within Mobius or through the citizen facing My Alberta Supports Portal. The information required on the program applications is the same through Mobius or the My Alberta Supports Portal. The program applications available are:
  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)
  • Feepayer
  • Full-Time Learner Income Support
  • Income Support
  • Part-Time Learner Income Support
  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)

In the My Alberta Supports Portal, if they complete a Find Supports session (the equivalent of a Needs Identification session within Mobius) Albertans can apply for multiple programs at the same time. Within Mobius, multiple programs can be applied for without completing a Needs Identification session.

Harmonized fields are questions that are the same for all programs, regardless of the application. These fields are always collected for all programs. They are asked at the beginning of the application(s) and are only asked once.

Many questions used in the applications are standardized questions. Standardized questions are questions that are the same question asked in the same format. After these questions have been answered once, they will be pre-populated for all other applications using that standardized question. A standardized question will not be used by all programs.

When filling in program applications the harmonized fields will be asked first. If multiple applications are being filled in the longest application will be first, followed by the next longest and so on. Once a standardized question has been answered, it will be pre-populated throughout the rest of the applications. At the end of each program application there will be a page to review the application. At the end of all program applications being filled in, there will be a review page for all applications being submitted.

When program applications are submitted, from Mobius or the My Alberta Supports Portal, three things happen. Mobius creates a Prospect Person, an Application Case and a Task for each program application. A Prospect Person is a temporary record. Prospects need to be registered as a new Mobius record, or merged with a current Mobius or Master Data Hub (MDH) record. Prospect Person may contain:

  • Alternative IDs
  • Alternative Names
  • Citizenship
  • Contact Details (Address, Phone Number, Email)
  • Contacts
  • Demographic Data
  • Relationships

Feepayer Prospects contain a Preliminary Employment Insurance Status profile. This is not visible in the Application Case, it is seen and transferred to the registered record when the Prospect Person is registered or merged. Application Cases contain the Prospect Person, a PDF of the program application, and a PDF of the Next Steps document. The part and full-time Learner Income Support Application Cases also contain evidence, which transfers into the clients Integrated Case when the Application Case is Authorized.


What happens next

Starting an Application

Setting Applications to Ready for Determination

Authorization of Applications