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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: November 24, 2017
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04 Initial Contact

The Initial Contact page is used to record details of staff interactions with clients. The amount of time spent with the client and doing after work are recorded. The needs of the individual (for example: Persons with Developmental Disabilities) and the outcomes of the contact (for example: application form assistance provided) are recorded. This information is used for reporting purposes.

Using the Initial Contact Screen

Anchor Point: Workspace Section
  1. Select Initial Contact, from the Registration section of the Shortcuts Panel. 
  2. Select Start, under the Client Interaction timer.
  3. Interact with the client. During this time the user can navigate through out Mobius or other systems.
  4. Select Stop, under the Client Interaction timer, when the user has finished interacting with the client.
  5. Select the radio button for the client’s primary need.
  6. Select the checkbox for one or more secondary needs, if applicable.
  7. Select one or more checkboxes for the outcomes of the contact.
  8. Select Stop, below the after interaction timer, when the user has completed any work associated with this client interaction.
  9. Select Submit.