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Business Processes

Published Date: April 27, 2016
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Registration/Service Management

R09. End-Dating Relationships

When a relationship ends between the primary client and one or more of their household members, Mobius must be updated in the appropriate locations to reflect this change to the household.


Client is registered in Mobius and household members are attached on the Relationships page in the Background tab of the Person Home Page. May have an Integrated Case where Household Members are attached to Integrated Case as Case Members.

Client reports change in household relationship.

Area Name / Role Name
Employment and Financial Supports Division - Authorized Official
If the relationship change falls within a funded training period in Mobius, please refer to EDBC E05- Change In Circumstances (CIC)- General business process. Do not proceed with this business process and have the client submit a CIC to LISO.

If the relationship change does not fall within a funded training period, navigate to the ‘Relationships’ page under the Background tab of the Person Home Page and select ‘Edit’ from the list actions menu for the person being removed.

In the Modify Relationship modal, enter the end date as reported by the client and select End Reason from the drop down menu.

Click ‘save’.

Validate if household members being removed are Case Members on the Integrated Case by clicking on the Participant tab in the Integrated Case.

If yes, select ‘Edit’ from the list action menu for member being removed.

In the Modify Member modal, enter the end date, using the same date as relationship end date.

Unless a reason in the drop down is applicable, do not select an end reason.

Click ‘save’.

Business Rules/ Criteria / Standards

Do not end date the Primary Client on the Integrated Case.

Case members and relationships should not be deleted unless they were entered in error.