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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Registration/Service Management

R08. Subsequent Training Service Plans

Subsequent training service plans shall not be approved if it has been less than 48 months since the learner member last attended an approved training program under a training service plan. Further training benefits may be granted by an Authorized Official in exceptional circumstances.


A learner has received the maximum duration within a service plan.

Individual has received the maximum duration in their service plan and wants to attend an approved training program before 4 years has lapsed from the end date of their previous service plan. 

  1. Learner Income Support Office (LISO) identifies individual has reached maximum duration; or
  2. Authorized Official has identified individual has received maximum duration.


  • LISO enters referral receives error message ‘Exceeds Maximum Duration’
  • Reviews Learning Stream Counter
  • Identifies a Return to Training prior to 48 months elapsing
  • Sends task to the regional work queue to take the appropriate action.

Human Services Authorized Official

  • Contacts the individual and conducts a Service Needs Determination and/or an Employability Assessment to determine the additional competencies needed to obtain employment or to acquire the academic pre-requisites for an achievable employment goal. The training needed must be supported by documented rationale in Mobius.
  • Documented rationale is to include:
    • Labour force attachment (since funded training)
    • Learning activities (since funded training) 
    • A defined skills deficit (need for training) 
    • Evidence that training activities planned are progressive in nature (advancement towards a goal).
  • Records decision in Service Plan Home Page notes and if appropriate, create a new Service Plan.  Add all relevant Sub-Goals and Plan Items and submit the “Recommend Return to Training” plan item for approval. 
  • Assigns the plan item an outcome of Attained or Not Attained, depending on whether it is agreed further training benefits should be granted. 
  • If Plan Item outcome is “Attained”, discuss and document agreed upon Service Plan activities in Mobius.
  • If Plan Item’s outcome is “Not Attained”, discuss alternative service options available with individual and document agreed upon Service Plan activities in Mobius. If a second Active Service Plan has been opened to accommodate the ‘Return to Training’ then this plan item should be closed once the 30 day window for appeal has elapsed. 
  • Inform LISO of the decision.


  • Process or reject application based on information provided by HS Authorized Official.