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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Registration/Service Management

R07. Reduced Course Load


Individuals with a documented chronic or permanent disability, who are unable to participate in an approved training program to the extent required to be considered to be full-time (60-100 per cent), may be authorized to participate at a reduced course load (40-59 per cent) and still be eligible to receive full-time Learner income support and training benefits.

To be considered as a full-time learner while participating in a reduced course load, an individual must have a documented chronic or permanent disability; including an assessment by a medical or other qualified professional indicating that the learner must reduce their course load due to their disability. 


An individual with a documented chronic or permanent disability is registered in Mobius and has an open Integrated Case (Member type – primary client). The Individual has undergone an Employability Assessment or is willing to participate in an Employability Assessment and is deemed to be Ready, Willing and Able to attend training.

An individual is requesting full-time Learner income support and training benefits while participating in training at between 40 and 59 per cent of a full-time training

Human Services (HS) Authorized Official

Review the latest completed Employability Assessment to determine the individual’s readiness if one exists.  Details regarding the supporting disability evidence are to be documented in the “Disabilities Factors” section of the Employability Assessment. 

The Authorized Official determines whether to use Option 1 or Option 2 on a case by case basis depending on the accuracy and how dated the information is on the Employability Assessment.

Option 1 – Copy the latest Employability Assessment. Review and update the factors and employment goal as discussed with the individual. Ensure that the disability information is entered in Section F “Disability Factors” prior to completing the Assessment.

Option 2 – Enter and complete a new Employability Assessment ensuring that the disability information in Section F “Disability Factors” is recorded.

Failure to reflect that the disability is both documented and permanent can impact an individual’s eligibility. The Employability Assessment must reflect a completed status to enable the disability evidence.

Update the active Service Plan or create a Service Plan if one does not exist, outlining the agreed upon activities recommended to achieve the defined employment goal. Review or add “Attend” Plan Item(s) to reflect all training activities proposed/needed to achieve the employment goal. Calculate the number of months of training benefits needed to complete the training required for entry into the labour market or to complete the perquisites required in preparation for further education.

Add or update the “Consdr Reduced Course Load (I)” Plan Item. This plan item is used to indicate that the Reduced Course Load policy has been or will be considered. Consider Reduced Course Load plan item must be entered with an outcome of attained (Note: the Actual start and Actal end dates will now be the date the decision is made. They do not have to span the course dates). Details regarding the supporting medical evidence are to be documented in the “Disabilities Factors” section of the Employability Assessment. Details regarding an individual’s eligibility to attend at a reduced course load are to be documented in the Notes field of the Service Plan home page.

When the number of months of training benefits identified in R06.01.01 exceeds the regulated maximum duration and the individual has been deemed eligible to participate at a reduced course load, add an “Approve Duration Exception” Plan Item. Select the Plan Item Category “>30 for reduced course load” category must be entered with an outcome of attained.

The business rules that support the Learning Stream Counter require that the most recent “completed” Employability Assessment reflect that a documented and permanent disability exits.  The disability information needs to be input for each Employability Assessment in order for an exception to the regulated maximum duration be granted and continued throughout the Service Plan.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

An individual must demonstrate that he/she has a diagnosed and documented chronic or permanent physiological or psychological impairment of function that limits his or her ability to participate at the level required to be considered a full-time learner.