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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: March 18, 2019
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17 Product Provider Record

Tab Descriptions

Home Tab
An overview of the Product Provider’s record.

Administration Tab

Defaults to the user who entered the registration. A new Administrator can be added – the old one will be end dated.

Lists the roles assigned to the Product Provider.

Contacts Tab

Lists the current and previous primary addresses for the provider.

Additional addresses for centres run by the provider will be listed separately, under the Provider Locations section of the Identity tab.

Not used at this time.

Communication Exceptions
Communication methods that should not be used.


Lists all correspondence generated for this organization in Mobius.


Lists individuals who may be contacted regarding the Product Provider.

Email Addresses

Lists e-mail addresses associated with the Product Provider.


Lists all system interactions (i.e. communications, payments). Not an editable field.

Captures information to supplement the information in the standard fields in Mobius. Notes can be modified or cancelled, but the original text is retained and cannot be deleted, except for limited circumstances (See Hard Delete Business Process).

Phone Numbers
Lists phone numbers associated with the Product Provider.

Web Addresses

Website addresses associated with the Product Provider.

Financial Tab

Bank Accounts
Not used at this time.

Product Contracts

Not used at this time.

Account View

Account View
Not used at this time.

Payment Instrument Used

Not used at this time.

Identity Tab

Alternative IDs
Alternative IDs are numerical forms of identification.  Examples of alternative IDs for Product Providers include: Vendor ID, Contract Number, AFA Number.

An EIIID (Reference ID) is system generated by Mobius once a Product Provider is registered. It is considered the Primary identifier.

Provider Locations
Locations where the Product Provider may offer services in addition to their main address.

Products Tab
Not used at this time. 

Programs and Services Catalogue Tab
The programs and services available through the Product Provider are listed here. Catalogue Search
Searches for listings of specific programs and services within the Product Provider.

Active Programs and Services

Lists and provides details for all current programs and services available from the Product Provider.

Programs and Services

Lists and provides details for all programs and services for the Product Provider, including programs that are no longer active.

Tasks Tab
Lists ongoing tasks associated with the Product Provider. New tasks associated with the provider can be created here.