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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: May 15, 2013
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11 Service Plan

Refer a Plan Item

Refer a Plan Item to a Program

Anchor Point: Service Plan Home Page
  1. Select Plan Content Tab.
  2. Toggle to display details of the Sub-Goal.
  3. Select the Plan Items Tab.
  4. From the List Action Menu for the Plan Item to be referred, Select Refer.
  5. Enter the search criteria and select Search.
  6. Select the desired program from the Search Results.
  7. Use the Select link to refer to the desired Session.

Do not Save.
Saving will make a General referral and the user will not be able to enter evidence or process benefits. The individual will not be referred to a session (status will remain as Referred).

Referral Statuses

Provider Referral has been completed for a plan item in Mobius. A referred status indicates that an Individual has been accepted and enrolled.

A Provider Referral has been completed, Training Benefit Evidence has been entered and applied, and seats and/or allocation dollars are available.

A Provider Referral is completed, Training Benefit Evidence has been entered, and insufficient seats and/or allocation dollars are available. Mobius will send a Task to the Plan Item Owner providing an option to waitlist the individual. Status remains as Pending until the task has been actioned.

The Plan Item Owner has responded Yes to a Task for a Pending referral. The Plan Item Owner will receive a Notification that the status is changed to Waitlisted. Mobius monitors seats and allocations.

Seat numbers/allocation dollars have become available after the training start date but before the threshold date and a Task has been sent to the Plan Item Owner. The status remains at Cleared until the task has been actioned.

Provider Referral has been made for a Plan Item, but subsequently cancelled.

Training Benefit Evidence has been modified and the Committed referral has been Withdrawn.