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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: March 18, 2019
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09 Integrated Case

Tab Descriptions

Contains case details. The case details can be edited by using the Tab or Page Action Menu. 

Administration Tab

User Roles
Lists the user roles associated with the case (case owner and supervisor).

Transaction History
Lists what actions have been taken on the case, by whom, and when.

Assessment Tab
Lists all Assessments pertaining to the Case.  Assessments can be viewed, resumed, completed, canceled, and copied here. They cannot be created here. For more information please see the Assessment section.

Not used at this time.

All Communications tabs allow for creation of correspondence and recording of Communications. For more information please see the Correspondence section.

Calendar recording specific events.

Data that is gathered and used to determine whether or not a person is eligible or potentially eligible for a benefit or service.

Learner Eligibility Determination Case
Contains information about the individual’s eligibility for Learner Income Support. For more information please see the Learner Eligibility Determination Case (LEDC) section.

Monthly Financial Details
Monthly financial details for the duration of the Learner Income Support, including projected benefits.

Capture information to supplement the information in the coded fields in Mobius. Notes can be modified or cancelled, but the original text is retained, except for limited circumstances (See Hard Delete Business Process). Notes can be created by selecting New on the Notes Tab or by selecting New Note from the Tab Action Menu.

Lists Case Members and participants associated with the case. 

Lists all Product Delivery Cases associated with the Integrated Case. For more information please see the Product Delivery Case (PDC) or Learner Income Support and Training Benefits Case section.

Related Cases
Lists financial products issued through Mobius.

Service Plans
Contains the services and steps an individual requires to achieve their goal. For more information please see the Service Plan section.

Tasks Tab
Create tasks associated with the individual’s Integrated Case. Tasks can be created by selecting New on the Tasks Tab or by selecting New Task from the Tab Action Menu.

On either end of the Navigation Bar are toggle arrows. These will scroll the tabs across the screen, or display a drop down list of all the tabs from which you can select.