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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: March 18, 2019
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06 Person Record

Tab Descriptions

Home Tab
An overview of the individual's record.

Needs Identification Tab
A Needs Identification session for the individual can be started, saved, in-progress and completed here. Lists previously saved in-progress and completed Needs Identifications.

Applications Tab

Program applications can be started, saved in-progress and submitted here. Lists previously saved in-progress and submitted program applications that were entered through Mobius.

Does not include program applications saved or submitted through the Portal.

Lists program applications for this individual where the Prospect has been merged to the Person Record.

This includes program applications submitted through the Portal and Mobius.

Administration Tab

Defaults to the user who entered the registration. A new Administrator can be added, the old one will be end dated.

Lists the roles assigned to the individual.

Background Tab

An Alert indicates if there is information users should be promptly aware of. When there is an Alert on a record, an orange exclamation mark will appear in the corner of the picture area of the Context Panel. Use caution when entering an Alert. There are three categories of Alerts:

A Safety Alert is entered only if there is a potential for physical danger or harm to others. The types are:

  • Approach with Caution
    Individual poses a physical threat to others (i.e. may have previously threatened or assaulted others).
  • Health
    Individual poses a health concern to self or others.
  • Conversion
    Any Alert existing in Mobius prior to May 2012.

An Eligibility Alert is entered when there are concerns regarding the individual’s eligibility. The types are:

  • Other Source of Income or Resources
    Eligibility concerns have been identified. May also be used for non-financial eligibility concerns.
  • Investigation
    Individual is currently under review for eligibility purposes.

An Information Alert is entered when there is other critical information the user needs to be aware of. The types are:

  • Not a Duplicate
    There are two or more very similar records; this indicates that they are separate records. Care should be taken to ensure the correct record is being used and they should not be merged.
  • Other Critical Information
    Other critical information that the user should be aware of.

Lists alerts currently in effect.

Lists alerts that have been end dated.

Only enter the End Date when the Alert no longer applies. 

An individual’s citizenship status information includes country, status and dates.

Reflects the level of education the individual had when they presented themselves for services. All education records reflect what has been taken, not what is planned for the future.

Reflects the employment experience the individual had when they presented themselves for services. A registered or unregistered employer may be used.

If Registered Employer is used; it will create a link on the Person Tab Content Page to that Employer Home Page. This link cannot be removed, but can be replaced by adding a new employment record using a different Registered Employer.

Employment Insurance Status
Records information about Employment Insurance status and program information for learners and is mandatory for EI attached learners. Reports are generated to the Government of Canada based on the information entered. Incorrect or outdated information may lead to an interruption of an individual’s EI benefits.

Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile
The preliminary EI/Non EI profile screen is created to record the responses provided in relation to an individual’s involvement with employment insurance benefits. The information captured is specific to a point in time, is self-declared by the individual and is updated when an individual’s circumstance changes. Responses to the questions will generate a result of Non-EI or Potential EI. If an incorrect record is created, the record can be deleted and a new one added.

Shows the connection (e.g. parent, spouse, dependent child) between individuals who are registered in Mobius. Once you create the relationship, Mobius will automatically create the reciprocal relationship.

Maintains a history of changes to the date of birth and marital status on the Person Home Tab.

Cases Tab

Lists all cases and Service Plans associated with the individual. For further information please see the sections on Integrated Cases, Learner Eligibility Determination Cases, Product Delivery Cases, CCISD Cases and Outcome Plans.

Service Plans
Lists all Service Plans associated with the individual. For more information please see the Service Plan section.

Contact Tab

New addresses can be added and existing addresses can be modified. The types of addresses are: Mailing, Residence, and Business.  Addresses should only be deleted (canceled) if they are entered in error. All addresses should have the status of Verified. A Verified address has been checked against Canada Post standards for address entry. If the addresses do not verify, it will affect payments issued via Mobius.


Address Line 1    12345 67 St
City                      Edmonton
Postal Code         T5T 1G4

Address Line 1    RR3
Address Line 2    Site 9 PO Box 4
City                     Rocky Mountain
Postal Code        T4T 2A3

Mobius will not verify residential addresses if addressed to a PO Box.

Not used at this time.

Communication Exceptions
Communication methods that should not be used.

Lists all correspondence generated for this individual in Mobius.

Other contacts for the individual.

Email Addresses
Lists email addresses for the individual.

Lists all system interactions (i.e. payments) involving the individual.

Captures text to supplement the information in the coded fields in Mobius. Notes can be added to or cancelled; the original text is retained and cannot be deleted, except for limited circumstances (See Hard Delete Business Process).

Phone Numbers
Lists phone numbers for the individual.

Web Addresses
Website addresses associated with the individual.

Financial Tab

Bank Accounts
Details of an individual’s bank account. Entered and modified when financial products are being generated through Mobius. The same user cannot enter and approve a bank account for an individual.

List deductions from individual’s benefits due to overpayments.

Monthly Financial Details
Monthly financial details for the duration of the programs and services, including projected benefits.

Retrieves annual taxation records for the individual.

List of payments issued, dates, amounts, nominee, and payment methods.

Identity Tab

Alternative Names
Used to record name change, married or maiden name, alias, preferred name.

Alternative IDs
Alternative IDs are numerical forms of participant identification. Examples of alternative IDs include: Social Insurance Number, and Personal Health Number.

EIIID is system generated by Mobius when a person is registered. It is considered the primary identifier and is unique to the individual. It is important to update the Social Insurance Number when there are changes (i.e. “9” number to a “6” number) to prevent duplicate registrations.

Lists marked and merged duplicate records. Newly identified duplicates can be marked and merged here.

Tasks Tab 
Lists ongoing tasks associated with the individual. New tasks associated with the individual can be created here.

Verifications Tab
Not used at this time.