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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation


E19. Correspondence

In Mobius, there are two types of correspondence – Pro-Forma and Microsoft Word Templates.

Pro-Forma – Pro-Forma correspondence is set up as templates that include standard text content as well as information that is extracted from the system. These letters are either system generated based on a particular trigger, or they can be manually initiated through an on-line function by a user. Pro-Forma letters are generated in PDF via batch processing. They will print overnight at Service Alberta and will be mailed from there. Pro-Forma letters will pre-populate with the addressee’s information and standard signage (if applicable) regardless of whether it was generated by the system or manually.

Following is a list of Pro-Forma Correspondence:

  • Funding Decision Letter (FD)
  • Payment Slip for Learner
  • Closure Letter for Learner Income Support Debts
  • Notice of Tuition Overpayment – Monthly
  • Pay Slip for Training Providers
  • Crystallized Debt Letter for Learner
  • Notice of Tuition Overpayment – Annual
  • Statement of Debt for Learner

Pay Slips and Statements do not require signage.

Microsoft Word Templates – like Pro-Forma correspondence, Microsoft Word templates also include a mix of standard text and variable data. However, Microsoft Word templates allow the user to edit individual letters as needed (adding information or deleting standard text). Microsoft Word correspondence remains editable as long as it is marked as “draft” in the system. Once it is marked as “sent”, it is saved and can no longer be changed. Microsoft Word correspondence is generated through an online function. These letters are printed locally, so the user will mail them. Microsoft Word Templates will pre-populate with the addressee’s information which can be modified if another contact name or address is required. Signage will also pre-populate with the initiator’s information.

Microsoft Word Correspondence includes the following:

  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Blank Template for Training Provider
  • Exposure Course Approval Template
  • MS Word Blank Template
  • Post Verification Decision

The Blank Templates are meant to address situations not covered by the other templates. They are not meant to replace any other existing correspondence (including the correspondence listed above) and should be used for situations pertaining to learner funding only.

Each piece of correspondence has a Security ID attached to it, so each user will only be able to send correspondence if they are authorized. All users, including externals, can view and reprint a letter that has been sent to a learner. Externals will not have access to Product Provider correspondence; therefore they won’t be able to view or print Provider correspondence.

Manually Generating Pro-Forma Correspondence

In most situations, Pro-Forma Correspondence is automatically generated; however, there are situations where it is appropriate for a user to manually generate a Pro-Forma letter. For example, the Funding Assessment Decision, Crystallized Debt and Statement of Debt correspondence are always manually generated (as outlined in various business processes in this document). Most Pro-Forma Correspondence can only be manually generated by internal staff. However, the Statement of Debt correspondence can be initiated by both internal and external users.