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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation

Change in Circumstances

E12. Entering Education History - Individual Never Attended Regular School

The capturing of Education and Employment history is recorded on the Education and Employment screens under the Background tab on the Person Home Page. When Mobius runs the rules for Eligibility Determination and Benefit Calculation (EDBC), it checks the Education screen for verification that the individual has been out of the regular school system for 365 days. There are situations where an individual has never attended school. However, if the Education screen is left blank, it will fail the rules. Therefore, as a workaround in these rare situations, an artificial Education record has to be created. All artificial records should contain the same information. This will help alert other users that the record is artificial because the individual has never attended the regular school system.


The following outlines how to create an artificial Education record in the case where an individual has never attended school.


Learner is applying for funding to take training and has never attended the regular school system.

LISO or the Authorized Official becomes aware the individual has never attended the regular school system.

LISO or the Authorized Official

Creates artificial Education record using following information:

Institution: Neverattendedregularschool
Qualification: Grade 1-3
Start/End Dates: Date Of Birth
Completion Status: Incomplete
Program Type: F/T
Address Option: Unknown

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

If a learner has no work experience, the Employment screen should be left blank, but Notes should be entered on the Person Home Page stating the individual has no paid work experience to ensure other users are aware that this information wasn’t inadvertently missed. Unlike Education history, EDBC does not use Employment history when determining eligibility.