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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation

Change in Circumstances

E09. Training Provider Overpayments

For tuition-based programs, Training Providers are paid tuition, mandatory fees, and student association fees. When a Training Provider has been paid these benefits, but the learner does not start training, the Training Provider is considered to have received an overpayment. 


The following outlines the workflow managing an overpayment for a Training Provider. The process includes Workflow 1 – Training Provider Overpayments.


No show/withdrawal evidence applied resulting in an overpayment.


  1. Training provider or learner advises LISO that a learner never attended or has withdrawn from training.
  2. Liability Case has been created through WF-1 Learner Overpayments Workflow.


Monthly Notice of Tuition and Fee Overpayments (NOTO) summary correspondence is generated and sent to training provider.


In the event that overpayment is not resolved 30 days from the date of the NOTO, a Notice of  Amount Owing letter is issued advising of the final right to appeal and further actions by HS if an appeal is not filed or payment received.

In the event that the overpayment remains unresolved and an appeal is not received 30 days from the date of the Notice of Amount Owing letter, the debt is referred for non-compliance action.

Non-Compliance Action

Update the Regions of current status and reviews potential solutions and remedial action

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

In the event a learner is withdrawn from training prior to completion, Human Services may require the training provider to repay a portion of the training benefits that were paid by Human Services on behalf of the learner.

If generating Microsoft Word Blank Template correspondence, Mobius will auto populate the name, address, and contact if there is one. Originator will be responsible to change contact name if appropriate or add one if there isn’t one.

NOTO’s will be sent monthly to Training Providers. A record will be kept on Mobius so that internal staff has access.