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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation

Change in Circumstances

E06. CIC - Repayment Agreement


At times, a learner may receive a benefit that has to be repaid. These repayable benefits differ from other overpayments because they are not appealable. Therefore the overpayment is turned into a debt immediately. The user has to manually create a Repayment Liability Case to capture the repayable benefit information.


Learner has submitted a Change in Circumstances form and Learner Income Support Office (LISO) has completed Change in Circumstances – General up to and including entering remainder of evidence.

While entering CIC evidence, LISO determines that a Repayment Agreement is required.

Employment Financial Supports Division – LISO Learner Benefit Coordinator

If Repayment Agreement missing, generates correspondence MS Word Blank Template for Learner requesting a Repayment Agreement be completed and returned (manually attach form to letter).

BF’s in 60 days to follow up.

If Repayment Agreement is not received within 60 days, applies evidence.

If Repayment Agreement is received within 60 days, creates/modifies evidence and applies.

Creates Manual Repayment Liability Case and enters benefit type in Notes.

Creates/activates Repayment Liability Evidence.

Activates Repayment Liability Case (and sets up recovery amounts – see F13).

Reassesses Learner Income Support and Training Benefit Product Delivery Case.

Generate Statement of Debt correspondence.

Refer to Workflow 1 – Learner Overpayments

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

When a Repayment Agreement is signed, the amount owing automatically becomes a debt to be recovered (no appeal option).

Repayment Liability Case is attached to the Product Delivery Case (PDC), not Integrated Case (IC). Therefore the liability has to be created first and then can create Repayment Agreement Evidence.

If the Repayment Liability Evidence is entered incorrectly, or requires a change, e.g. if the original amount is higher or lower than required, a new manual liability PDC must be created for the difference.

Two evidence records cannot be entered for the same start date within the same liability case. If the original amount is higher than required, “Write Off” the Instruction Line Item (ILI) for the specified amount and the outstanding amount will reflect the difference.

Negative amounts cannot be entered on the liability evidence screens. If the total liability amount was entered in error, “Reverse” the ILI and the outstanding amount will be set to $0.