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Published Date: October 01, 2015
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation


E04. Two Attending

In cases where a learner’s spouse/partner is also applying for learner benefits, each will have their own Integrated Case. Unfortunately with two integrated cases, Mobius won’t recognize that this is a two attending situation. Therefore the split amount for the affected benefits should be manually calculated and entered into evidence. For rate-based benefits (like core shelter, etc.), the intent is to use 'Director Approval' to apply the adjustment. For amount-based benefits, the split amount should be entered for the two attending months in the appropriate evidence.
  • Onus is on the user handling the case for the 2nd learner to detect the ‘two attending’ situation and coordinate the benefits
  • If the evidence between the two learners is not coordinated and entered appropriately, the household could potentially be paid twice or paid nothing for the same benefit or one learner could be taxed more than the other.
  • Benefits that apply within the two attending period will have to be entered or adjusted for each learner in their respective Integrated Case.


Following is the process when there are two learners within the same household attending training at the same time.


Two learners within the same household are applying for learner funding at the same time.

While assessing a learner’s application, Learner Benefits Coordinator (LBC) detects that applicant has a spouse/partner with who is also applying for learner funding and their training dates overlap.

Employment and Financial Supports Division - LISO – Learner Benefits Coordinator

Manually calculates affected benefits and enters into Evidence for both Learner and Spouse/Partner.

Manually Entered Evidence
Any Evidence that is manually entered must be entered for exactly half of the amount.

These Evidence types include:

  • Director Approval (where Type is “Director Approval”)
  • Assets
  • Income
  • Additional Shelter
  • Child Care
  • Extraordinary Training Travel (where Type does not equal private vehicle)
  • NCBS Replacement Benefit
  • Special Diet Benefit (for Infant Formula only)
  • Additional Health Benefits

Benefits Issued Automatically
There are also a handful of benefits that are issued automatically and have amounts that cannot be entered manually. In this case a Director Approval Cost Adjustment amount needs to be entered for half the amount of the benefit. These benefits include:

  • Child Care - Babysitting
  • Core Essential
  • Core Shelter
  • Handicap Benefit
  • Special Diet

Rate Based Benefits
For rate-based benefits (like Core Shelter etc.), use Director Approval Evidence to apply the adjustment. The rate tables will need to be consulted and the amount will need to be manually determined. For example if the Core Essential for 2 adults is $646, then $323 will need to be entered as a negative amount in the as a “Core Shelter Adjustment” Director Approval benefit.

Evidence with a partial exemption amount will need a special formula for calculating the amount that needs to be entered. The formula is:

(Actual Amount – Exemption Amount) + Exemption
Amount = Amount Entered divided by 2

For example if 1 member in a 2 attending situation has a $5,000 scholarship (which has a $3,500 exemption amount) then the amount entered needs to be $4,250.

($5,000 – $3,500) + $3,500 = ($1,500) + $3,500 = $750 + $3,500 = $4,250
             2                                       2