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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Programs and Services

Programs and Services Catalogue

P21. Product Provider - Adding New Sessions (Continuous)

When a provider wants to make a referral to training that has continuous intake date that’s not in the Programs and Services Catalogue, they can email Mobius Requests with the session information directly or go through their Contract Services Coordinator (CSC).
If the Program Header for continuous intake is not already in the Catalogue or if seat numbers haven’t been specified, the CSC has to provide Mobius Support with the required information.

The following outlines the process for a provider to add a new session to training that has continuous intakes.


Program Header denoting Continuous Intake has already been entered in the Programs and Services Catalogue. Session start/end falls within the Program dates and must align with the Program weeks.

Referral cannot be made because session is not in the Programs and Services Catalogue.

External (Contracted) Providers, Front End Users, Service Management

If program is in Provider and Programs Registry System (PAPRS), updates PAPRS (or if Private Vocational School (PVS), notifies Private Vocational Training Branch (PVT) to update) and notifies CSC.

If program is approved by Delivery Partnership (DPU), sends request directly to Mobius Requests to update catalogue.

If program is contracted training or service, emails session dates to and sends cc: to CSC (or notifies CSC directly).

Employment and Financial Supports Division – Contract Services Coordinator

CSC provides required information to Mobius Support via the ‘Request New or Amendment to Product Provider, Programs and Services Catalogue’ (RNAPP) form (e.g. session dates and/or seat numbers).

Employment and Financial Supports Division, Mobius Support

Creates and activates new session.

Notifies Provider/CSC by return email that Programs and Services Catalogue has been updated.

External (Contracted) Providers, Front End Users, Service Management

Continues with referral.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Non-AFA Providers can contact their CSC/designate directly and the CSC can provide the updated session/seat information to Mobius Support.