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Business Processes

Published Date: June 06, 2016
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Programs and Services

Product Provider

P01. Register a Product Provider

A Product Provider is an individual or organization that supplies a product or service (e.g. training provider, contracted assessment agency, contracted services provider). The Product Provider’s information is sent to Mobius Support for system entry.
Information regarding Product Providers who are delivering tuition-based training is provided to Mobius Support at regular intervals.


The following process outlines how to register a Product Provider.
Plan Items are linked to a program, session or service. However, there is also a Plan Item linkage at the time of the Product Provider registration that is done through the Administration Home Page.



A signed agreement or contract is in place.

Send an electronic EMP 5520 – Requesting New or Amendment to Product Provider form (RNAPP)  to Mobius Support outlining the required information, or provide the  information to Mobius Support in another agreed upon format (i.e. Cost & Sessions PDF, email, etc.). 

Mobius Support


If required information is missing, the form/email will be referred back to the originator.

If all required information has been obtained,  existing Product Provider records are searched for in Mobius.

If the Product Provider is already registered in Mobius, the form/email will be referred back to the originator.

If the Product Provider does  not already have a record in Mobius, the  Product Provider will be registered.

The  originator is notified of the Product Provider registration completion via email.

The Product Provider must be set up as a vendor in IMAGIS (see F28 – Add/Modify IMAGIS Information for Provider). 

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

All locations (campuses) must be entered on the Registration Home Page as they map to “Creating a Session”. All campus locations must be approved for any tuition-based programs prior to being added to Mobius.

Process Description

A Product Provider is setup as a vendor and receives payments for the delivery of programs/services to registered persons.   Process Detail