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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Programs and Services


This document outlines the proposed business processes for Programs and Services.  These processes support creating and updating a Programs and Services Catalogue. The Catalogue will house information on all Product Providers and their training programs and services so that individual clients can be referred. The Product Provider has to be registered, if applicable, allocations have to be entered, and programs/courses/services and sessions have to be created and activated before a referral can be made.

Create Provider Programs and Services

An organization that provides programs/services funded by Community and Social Services is considered a Product Provider in Mobius. Product Providers have to be registered in Mobius and their approved programs/services have to be entered. Programs may be offered as tuition-based or contract-based. Tuition-based training is an approved program/course for which the training provider charges tuition and other prescribed fees to learners accepted for enrolment in the program. The tuition and prescribed fees are paid to the training provider by Community and Social Services on behalf of the learner. Contract-based training is an approved program/course in which the training provider is funded directly by Community and Social Services under a contract. The types of programs/courses for which Skills Investment learners may be approved for financial assistance include:

Work Foundations (WF) Programs

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Basic Skills
    • Life Skills/Personal Management
    • Literacy and Numeracy (Grades 1 to 6)
    • Adult Basic Education (Grades 7 to 9)
  • Academic Upgrading (Grades 10 to 12)
    • University /College Entrance Preparation (UCEP)
    • Technical Entrance Preparation
    • General Education Development (GED)

Training for Work (TFW) Programs

  • Integrated Training
  • Occupational Training
  • Transitional Vocational Programs
  • Other programs as may be approved by the Minister

Training Providers must apply for program approval through Alberta Advanced Education for any Work Foundations programs as well as Integrated Training and Transitional Vocational Training (Training for Work).

Most occupational Training programs are approved through Alberta Advanced Education so the Provider and the programs/courses and are stored in the Provider and Programs Registry System (PAPRS). If an Advanced Education approved program is eligible for Community and Social Services funding, no further approval by Community and Social Services is required.

Programs less than 12 weeks and pre-employment programs are still approved by Advanced Education but they do not come over on PRS as they are not designated for student loan funding. Any adjustments to those types of Occupational Training need to be made by Advanced Education.

Contract-based training programs are approved through the contracting process (Community Business Services and Regional Contract Services Coordinator/Manager) and are stored in the Contract Management Application System (CMAS).

Creating Provider Programs and Services encompasses a number of steps. First, a Product Provider has to be registered in Mobius and attached to the appropriate Service Plan Items. If applicable, Provider Program Envelope Allocations have to be entered. Then the program/course/service/session is created and activated and the plan items need to be linked to the program/course/service. Once all this information has been entered, referrals can be made from the Programs and Services Catalogue.