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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Employment Insurance Business Processes

EI Verification Process

I04. Exchange of Information - Training Program Information Cluster


The Training Program Information cluster of the Employment Insurance (EI) Status screen is to be completed when the applicant’s EI Status is “Active Claim” and the Claim Type is “Regular Benefits”. An exchange of information will occur between the Government of Alberta and Service Canada, as a result of the input, to confirm that the employment insurance recipient has been authorized to attend an approved full-time training program.

The Training Program Information cluster is to be entered and maintained in a timely manner. Changes in participation that occur between the claim start and claim end dates need to be updated immediately to prevent delays or a disruption to the payment of employment insurance benefits.


Individual is registered in Mobius, a current Preliminary EI/Non-EI profile, and Employment Insurance Status screen has been recorded.

Individual has an EI Status of ‘Active’ and the Claim Type is ‘Regular’ and has been authorized to attend an approved full-time training program.

The Evidence related to the training intervention has been entered and applied by the User.

External Authorized Official or Authorized Internal User

User edits EI Status screen to complete the Training Program Information cluster

User updates Training Program Information cluster to record all changes in participation as soon as they become aware of a change

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

A “change reason” is mandatory to make any changes to the original Training Program Information cluster. The most appropriate reason from the drop down menu is selected to reflect the reason for the change. The change reason is relayed to Service Canada who may contact the user or the claimant, if additional information is needed.

The Federal Indicator field on the Training Program Information cluster is needed to inform Service Canada Insurance Operations that an EI recipient has been determined to meet the eligibility criteria for the federal initiative selected.