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Business Processes

Published Date: April 03, 2018
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Employment Insurance Business Processes

EI Verification Process

I02. Potential Employment Insurance Status Verification


Service Canada’s Employment Insurance Business Information System (EIBIS) is provided to authorized staff to confirm an individual’s Employment Insurance (EI) status when requesting assistance to attend full-time training. The information provided by Service Canada is updated nightly. To protect the privacy of Canadians, limited access has been granted to the web based application. As a result, the next step in the verification process differs for internal and external users.


The individual has been registered in Mobius, has requested full-time training, and a Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile has been completed.

The current circumstances and questions asked in the Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile indicate the client is a potential EI Learner.

External Service Provider 

From the Person Home Page, create a Task for “CDS EI Verification” Work Queue. Indicate in the Subject line of the Task that the subject is an “EI Verification Request”.

Community and Social Services staff assigned to the work queue will reserve the task and verify the EI status using LMDA Access. The top three clusters of the Employment Insurance Status screen (Details, Claim Type Reason and Active Claim Information) in Mobius will be completed and the Task returned to the user.

From the Person Home Page select the Background Tab and navigate to Employment Insurance Status through the Navigation Menu to review the results. The user will proceed to I.03 EI Status Screen – Review Results

Authorized Internal User

User queries Employment Insurance Benefit Information System (EIBIS) to determine the Employment Insurance status of the individual, using the Social Insurance Number provided. The results returned are used to complete the Employment Insurance Status screen

The application of I02.02.01 will vary and is dependent on regional practice.

From the Person Home Page select the Background Tab, select and navigate to  Employment Insurance Status from the Navigation Menu I02.02.03
Select New to create an EI Status modal. Enter the results provided by EIBIS to complete the top 3 clusters (Details, Claim Type Reason and Active Claim Information). Select Save. Proceed to I.03 EI Status Screen – Review Results

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

The process for authorized internal users to acquire log in privileges to Service Canada’s application (EIBIS) is coordinated through the Access coordinator. Each delivery area will have designated staff with access. Users who have been granted access can refer to the EIBIS User Guide or Help File available from the Navigation bar within the application for additional information about how to navigate through EIBIS.

When the message “Contact Service Canada” is provided by Service Canada, additional information is available regarding eligibility. Consultation with the Learner Specialist or designate in order to liaise with Service Canada Insurance Operations is necessary. The results of the information obtained from a Service Canada representative is required to complete the results on the EI Status screen.