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Business Processes

Published Date: April 03, 2018
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Employment Insurance Business Processes

EI Verification Process

I01. Preliminary Employment Insurance Verification


The governments of Alberta and Canada work as partners to provide employment and training programs and services for Albertans. We have agreements whereby financial assistance is provided to assist target group members. To maximize our ability to assist Albertans in need of training or employment assistance, the verification of an individual’s Employment Insurance (EI) status is an integral business process. Identification of an individual’s EI status ensures that insured participants  also known as individuals with EI eligibility are funded through the Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA).

The EI verification process helps to distinguish the funding source based on an individual’s responses. 

The Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile screen is created in Mobius to record the responses provided in relation to an individual’s involvement with employment insurance program when an individual is requesting employment or training assistance. The information captured is specific to a point in time, is self-declared by the individual, indicated on the Learner Income Support application or the Training and Employment Service Request.



The individual is registered in Mobius.

An individual has been in contact with the Government of Alberta or a contracted training/service provider to request an employment service or a training intervention.

Internal or External Service Providers

From the Person Home Page, Select the Background Tab, then Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile from the Navigation Panel.

Review the most recent recorded profile with the individual’s current circumstances to determine:
  • If all of the responses remain the same - no further input required on the Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile screen 
  • If one or more of the responses have changed proceed to I01.01.03 
  • If there are no previous records proceed to I01.01.03

Select New to create a Preliminary EI/Non-EI Profile screen, the modal will open. Record the current responses to the questions. Select Save. The modal will close.

If an incorrect record is inadvertently created, delete the record and add a new one. Deleted records will not appear on the list screen.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards
The responses provided to the questions posed will generate a result. The result combined with the assistance requested will inform the next step in the process.

The potential combinations are as follows:

Result Request Next Step
Non-EI Full-time Training Proceed to I02 Potential EI Status Verification
Potential EI Employment Service Assistance Verification process complete
Potential EI Part-time Training Verification process complete
Potential EI Full-time Training Proceed to I02 Potential EI Status Verification