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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Registration/Service Management

R03. Service Management

Service Management is required for the provision of services and payments to individuals and service providers. Service management activities are documented within the Service Plan and cover the entire plan or intervention period by Human Services and/or their service providers. The purpose of the Service Plan is to describe and record the mutual agreement between Human Services and the individual about the specific activities to be undertaken to attain the desired goals.


There can be several HS Authorized Officials working with the same individual, at the same time in the service plan. Each HS Authorized Official is responsible for updating and completing their own plan items. The last HS Authorized Official to complete their plan items is responsible for closing the service plan if appropriate.


An individual requesting services has been registered in Mobius, an Integrated Case has been created and an assessment has been completed or is ‘in progress’.

The individual is requesting services and funding.

HS Authorized Official 

  • Enters Service Plan in Mobius that describes the required services, funding and reflects the mutual agreement between Human Services and the individual on how to proceed to achieve the planned item and defined goals.
  • Updates personal information such as education and employment information, address, telephone number and any other changes as they occur.

HS Authorized Official 

  • Updates elements of the service plan as activities are completed and new ones are agreed to with the individual.
  • Update EI information on Person record as per I04 Exchange of Information-Training Program Information Cluster (Employment Insurance Processes).
  • Provide the appropriate instructions on how the Active EI recipient is to complete their reports to Service Canada, based on the program element the client has been approved to participate in.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

A Service Plan is required for any individual requesting services or funding. Before a Service plan is developed, an individual must be registered in Mobius, an Integrated Case must be created, and an assessment may be completed or in progress (either an SND, an EMP or both).

There should be only one active service plan with one goal (established from the Primary Need identified in the assessment) at any given time but there may be many sub-goals to help achieve that goal. Each sub-goal should only appear once in a service plan. There can be several providers working with the same client, at the same time only on different plan items in the service plan. Each HS Authorized Official is responsible for updating and completing their own plan items.

A Service Plan that contains a ‘product delivery case(s)’ (PDC) which is/are linked to one or more of the plan items is not to be set to an end status of ‘closed’. If there is no PDC, a Service Plan that is completed or has been exited can be closed. A service plan is considered to be exited if an individual is no longer ‘actively engaged’ (12 months without activity).

Instructions for Active EI recipients are posted under the Tools and Resource section of the Alberta Works Policy Manual.

To report a break from training of 3 weeks or less (i.e. Christmas break), occurring between the program start and end date, an EI recipient will continue to report ‘yes’ to the training question. When asked for the number of hours attended, they are to indicate at least one hour of training in each week of the break period.